The Hilton Head Rugby Club exists to provide athletes with an opportunity to play an exciting, physical, fast-paced, and different game. We encourage ANYONE with an athletic background to give rugby a try. EXPERIENCE IS NOT NECESSARY! Come on out and learn the game - we will teach you everything you need to know. Current members have backgrounds ranging from tennis and golf to basketball and football. SIZE IS NOT A PREREQUISITE! Some of our best ruggers are the smaller guys. We have players from 5'6" / 140 lbs. to 6'4" / 280 lbs. The only thing you need is a desire to practice hard and learn the game.

Here is a brief tutorial about the game...

For a sense of what the game is like...


If you decide not to play, at least come out and support the Hilton Head Rugby team. Your support means a lot to us!


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